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Welcome to Lynch Mob Calls
Goose Calls - Duck CallsMy name is George Lynch, designer of Lynch Mob Calls. My main goal in designing goose calls and duck calls is always quality and putting the hunter first. You will notice that our duck calls & goose calls look different than any other game call out there with the most noticeable difference being the aluminum gut holder and the lack of a band. Our aluminum gut holder is made of 6061 alloy and is used for its strength and its uniformity. An all acrylic gut holder swells in temperature change and creates variances in the dimensions of the holder, causing the call to become tight which puts pressure on the sound board and tone channel and can change the pitch of the call. The idea behind not banding our calls was to create a call that had the sleek line of of a flute and to have a call that didn’t shine in the field and flare geese. All Lynch Mob Calls Goose Calls & Duck Calls are designed and manufactured with the hunter in mind. I've spent many years hunting and guiding all over the country as well as Canada and have designed my game calls with one purpose in mind “KILL GEESE & DUCKS”. Or as we say around here “Hang’em Low”.

My background includes over 20 years in Manufacturing, Research and Development, and Quality Control for companies such as Simplex, Tyco, Degussa Contruction Chemical, and Visteon. I also have a burning desire for waterfowl hunting, with many years of experience hunting and guiding all over the country as well as Canada. Being a hunter first, I have competed in some calling competitions, my first winning the 2000 Michigan State Goose Calling Title.

This vast background has helped me in designing calls that are not only the bench mark in quality, but also in sound and ease of use. Each call was a creation of extensive trial and error for perfection to be an implement for their own individual sound. These calls were design with one purpose in mind “KILL GEESE”.

George Lynch & Buck Lynch Mob Calls are all hand tuned to your style and liking. I appreciate you’re time and consideration in our calls. Become part of the Mob, may we tune one for you today?

Good Hunting & Hang’em Low
George Lynch
Lynch Mob Calls